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Any Day Now - Various - The Beat Scene - From Liverpool To Hamburg

He has got Ringo and George on another track. This idea of intermingling and "we all play together," it's not just the Beatles, The Stones, the this, the that anymore. It breaks down all that. Robbie Dale : A title that seems to be taking over in the pop world at the moment is "supergroup" and now that you've associated yourself with Eric Clapton and others, the Plastic Ono Band is qualifying for this title.

What have you to say? Yoko Ono : It will go on being super-super, I hope. John Lennon : Super groups are a bit of a joke. All the musicians think it's embarrassing for them to be called supergroups because Eric Clapton is super, Yoko is super and I think I'm super.

But to be called a super group is a joke. It's a fad and just won't stay in the language. I think there are a lot of supergroups who were super, before some journalist dreamt up the name.

Robbie Dale : Let me ask you about this. As a follow up, the public were expecting big choir effect as was on "Give Peace Is that so? John Lennon : It's neither anti-drugs nor anti-alcohol. It has not any connection with drugs anymore than it has with the experience you have 36 hours of rolling in pain. That's what miscarriage is, let's face it: 36 hours of rolling in pain. I caught a chill in hospital while Yoko was having a miscarriage and I had what I would term "Cold Turkey" after it.

That is a fever of degrees. I was hot and cold for about two days which is like 36 hours. Everybody goes through a bit of agony some time or another in their lives, what ever it is.

I'm always thinking about love and peace and now I'm thinking about agony to remind people that I'm human and that we suffer like everybody else. This is the after effects. Yoko Ono : Yes, it is like this. There are two sides or many sides to life and it's sad that all the famous groups have an image that is always nice.

But in life, there are moments of sadness, crying and laughing. Even though we do love each other, we have moments of sadness because we are human. Much of the sadness is imposed on us from the outside world, much more than we create between us. Robbie Dale : Let me come closer to the pair of you by asking a little about your new wedding album. John Lennon : Ah, yes, the wedding album. The wedding album is John and Yoko's album as opposed to the Plastic Ono's album.

It is a two sided LP and you are on it, Robbie. Robbie Dale : So we can expect parts of the Amsterdam scene on it? John Lennon : It's more like a book or a packet that happens to have a record in it. There's photographs of us from Amsterdam, all the cartoons of us from all over the world, we collected readers letters, press releases in all sorts of languages, handouts in Dutch, English, everything. It's a really beautiful packet.

It probably will cost more than an ordinary LP because there is so much packaging. That comes out in about three or four weeks. It's a love and peace album and a wedding album. Instead of us making a private wedding album, we made a public one.

And we have another LP coming out in about two weeks. It covers the whole gamut. The aiming points for RAF raids were thus sited accordingly to maximise damage to repair facilities AND NOT the actual dense parallel arrangement of railways line that we normally associated with marshalling yards even though these did tend to get 'ploughed up'.

PeliusAnar Temp Banned. This story makes me think of the anime Tanya the Evil, with the aerial fighting, massive explosions, and war setting. Threadmarks Pinetree August Threadmarks. Pinetree August The gloom that had settled over the assembled American Airmen was oppressive, hanging in the air like the clouds of tobacco smoke that rose from the many cigarettes and the odd cigar and pipe.

The casualty and damage figures were in and they made for awful reading, Anderson and Eaker were aghast, the raids against Hamburg in July had been bad enough, but this, this was disastrous. The 8th still did not have enough long range escorts, they had sent all they had to escort the bombers, and the small numbers of long range fighters had simply not been enough to defend either themselves or the B's.

A Lieutenant Colonel piped up "Sir, they were fully committed to offensive sweeps deep over Holland and Northern Germany. That is, they are doing what their commanders wanted of them, you vetoed the proposal that I put to the RAF after the Hamburg raids for closer cooperation Sir," replied Anderson, staring hard back at Eaker. The two men held each other's gaze for a long time, the silence in the room becoming nerve jangling until Eaker broke it "You know as well as I do that Arnold would have shot down any proposal to have the RAF 'escort' our bombers, to say nothing of what the Chiefs of Staff or heaven forbid Congress would have said had they found out I don't see what the issue is?

We have lavished hundreds of millions of dollars, soon to be billions of dollars on the heavy bomber, over the opposition of large sections of Congress, the Army and the Navy, we cannot well turn around now and say 'sorry, you know those heavy bombers we wanted, well they don't work', now can we?

Arnold has staked his professional future, and that of the USAAF on the heavy bomber, both the current generations of heavy bombers and the next generation, the B To admit failure would be to jeopardise the USAAF's current strength and its future growth, do you want to do that Anderson? Jesus, Eaker is going to pieces thought Anderson, and in front of the staff, this will get back to Arnold, no doubt about it. There were at least three or four little weasel's on the staff that he had found out about, too well connected politically for him to get rid of, whose main role seemed to be reporting back to the Chiefs of Staff, or even worse to various Congressmen.

Time to intervene, and maybe even step into Eaker's shoes, his days in England were now clearly numbered. The RAF Spitfires and Mustangs, I'll look after arranging for better cooperation and maybe we can limit our raids to those that we know the RAF will be supporting us on? And the P's, I've managed to get them diverted to England, we should have four Fighter Groups equipped with the P by January , we can go back and smash Schweinfurt then!

Sbiper Jan 8, Reader mode Threadmarks. I'm very surprise Eaker didn't think about air to air refueling. Granted, it needed to have designed equipment and procedures to work, but Eaker was part of the Question Mark crew.

He should had seen the viability of air to air refueling. Spoiler: So not to take up too much page space While I agree that the classic 'never give your enemy a small injury' is a wise bit of advice, I also believe it narrows things down too much. As in, only dealing 'one' small injury. Death of a thousand papercuts, if said papercuts are all delivered at the exact same time, or close enough to it, is, collectively, a massive injury.

The reason I brought up the issue is that napalm is, compared to iron bombs, relatively light-weight and can be put into nearly any shape you want it and still be effective. Meanwhile the classic bomb requires certain layouts in order to worth anything, and they're fairly heavy. Continuously drop napalm in small amounts over random amounts of train track, yards, actual trains, non-stop, while on their way to actual targets, wouldn't take away much from an overall bombing run.

Ferdinand Keller. Arno Steffenhagen. Andreas Karow. Horst Bertl. Ray Clemence. Phil Neal. Joey Jones. Phil Thompson. Ray Kennedy. Emlyn Hughes.

Kenny Dalglish. Jimmy Case. Interview: Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds. June 1 Interview: Paul Saltzman a moment in tim. May 3 Jimi Hendrix: the Sgt Pepper experience. George Harrison: The Beatles and Indian.

April 4 Drake's Drum: the McCartney family horse. Beatles In India: the road to Rishikesh. The Jacaranda: a legendary Liverpool ven. March 4 Review: Revolution in the Head. Memorabilia: alternative Sgt Pepper cove. January 2 Beatles in China: Beatlemania catching o. In they were given the Freedom of the City of Liverpool. Despite Peel's support the albums achieved little success, although the band did become popular on the UK university and college circuit. Their public performances included a tour when they opened for Led Zeppelin ; they also toured the US but did not attract much acclaim from US critics and audiences.

Henri was described in performance as "bouncing thunderously and at risk to audience and fellow performers, the stage vibrating out of rhythm beneath him. A year later Lily the Pink reached number 1. Both hits were in the spirit of cheery and humorous drinking songs. Radhika Lakshmi observes "the Liverpool poets' approach to poetry differs from that of other poets in that they consistently give the impression of being real people getting to grips with real and pressing situations.

A Taste Of Honey. Interlude 1. Lend Me Your Comb. Your Feet's Too Big. Interlude 2. Interlude 3. Interlude 4.

Little Queenie. Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves. Interlude 5.

The cinematic fascination with The Beat Generation continues regardless, following on the heels of Walter Salles’ take on Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, which the critics were quick to dismiss. We now have this new movie which, set in the mids, is essentially .

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  1. This is where the Beatles Story began. In a small, dark, and dirty club, almost at the end of the Große Freiheit street in Hamburg's St Pauli district. Acting upon letters praising Hamburg's club scene, Allan Williams of the Jacaranda club in Liverpool made contact with Bruno Koschmider, offering to act as a .
  2. Jan 09,  · And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind (WW2 Insert) Thread in the meantime we are due to receive those modification kits for the P from the RAF any day now, and P's with wing drop tanks are actually on a convoy right now, due to dock in Liverpool in three days time. The RAF Spitfires and Mustangs, I'll look after arranging for better.
  3. Aug 27,  · Hamburg Beat performs 'My Bonnie' at the Cavern Pub during International Beatle Week Friday 22 August Play now; Mix - Hamburg Beat: My Bonnie 1st Show in The Cavern Liverpool.
  4. Oct 09,  · Hamburg was very cosmopolitan seaport and the red light district attracted sailors from the ships that were coming and going all the time. The clubs wanted live, American style rock and roll but couldn't afford to pay high prices for top line acts.
  5. Mersey Beat to Hamburg Sound: A Tale of Two Cities SHARE THIS John Lennon famously said "I was born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg" and during a recent city sales mission to the famous German city we took time out of our busy schedule for a trip down to the Reeperbahn to relive this important chapter in history.
  6. If you’ve been planning a romantic holiday with a partner, itching for an adventurous solo escape to one of the globe’s most fascinating destinations, or just looking to soak up some local history and culture, flights from Liverpool to Hamburg provide the perfect getaway.
  7. The Hamburg Scene is a music studio album recording by 8 DAYS IN APRIL (Eclectic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes The Hamburg Scene's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our experts /5(27).

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