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Conjuration For Choronzon - Centurian - Liber ZarZax

The demon is almost constantly using this effect. The user will know everything anybody knows, feel every desire and fear and generally understand the secret motivations of people.

Unfortunately the user is completely confused, and his own personality and knowledge is submerged. Using this rote, the demon will always talk about things that interest the listener, have beliefs somewhat like his and a uncanny way of revealing the deepest secrets of a person in an offhand way.

Go Back. John Dee. Aleister Crowley qv records in his Magickal Diary his hallmark episode of crossing the abyss while literally crossing the desert of Bou Saada with his magickal student assistant Victor Neuburg. Putting aside the arguable question as to whether the Master Therion ever completely succeeded in so monumental a milestone to Magickal accomplishment, it must be noted that only within the framework of the Magickal tradition with its perennial emphasis on bridging the corporeal and spiritual, of bringing spirit down into practical embodiment through the physical dimension of things had such an endeavor ever actually been made.

This is significant for the one reason that such ultimate integration and whole being resolution between the two seemingly disparate Magnitudes is inevitably mandated for the corporeal dimension as a whole, and all the class of chronically 3 rd density consciousness associated with it.

Yet this is precisely the confrontation of Crossing presently faced by the planet as a whole, as chronic 3 rd density host of physically focused consciousness transmutes through implacable processes of Cosmic Timing to the unmasked meta physical fourth.

Thus the Spirit of Choronzon is alive-and-well, presently known to one and all but by another name. Box Betelgeuse in the Constellation Orion. Amazing what horrors a lack of primary-school education can breed. The Mass of Choronzon by Pete Carroll.

An Invocation of the personal ego or false Holy Guardian Angel , for the purpose of casting ones entire will as an Enchantment upon reality. Such an operation would normally qualify as an extreme act of black magic, were it not prefaced by an initial invocation of the formless Kia or real Holy Guardian Angle.

The essential purpose of the conjuration as a whole is to increase the dominion of ones ego over the world in the hope of bringing the formless life force of the Kia more fully into play.

The ritual is traditionally performed with a wand to exemplify will, although other instruments can be used, or improvisation made with the clenched fist if necessary. The invocations are in the Enochian language and represent in part, adaptations of the calls of the first and tenth Enochian Aethers , and consist of eleven and thirty three words each. Unlike the Mass of Chaos B Baphomet Conjuration , this ritual cannot be aimed to enchant for any specific desire and has the property of tending to phenomenise the desires of the ego at random.

Herein lies its use and its danger. You may only realize what it was you wanted when it arrives. The ritual must therefore be considered as partly an act of Divination. Following the statement of intent, the Kia is first invoked by an incantation, a mantra and a brief period of complete mental silence.

It would be both blasphemous and catastrophic to attempt to conceptualize Kia as other than a formless pregnant void. The ritual is concluded with three simultaneous acts. Mass of Choronzon. The Eight Rayed Star of Chaos is traced upon the ground with the wand.

The Invocation to Kia is delivered, holding the wand aloft, with both hands, directly above the head. However, this is at variance with the spelling that appears in John Dee's own journals. I, fol. Mercer's Liber Coronzom discusses the question of spelling in some detail and includes images taken from Dee's original diaries and from Casaubon's True and Faithful Relation Otherwise known as "the demon of dispersion", Choronzon is described by Crowley as a temporary personification of the raving and inconsistent forces that occupy the abyss.

Nearly all writers except Lawrence Sutin take him to mean the latter. In the account, Choronzon is described as changing shape, which is read variably as an account of an actual metamorphosis, a subjective impression of Neuburg's, or fabrication on Crowley's part. The account describes the demon throwing sand over the triangle to breach it, following which it attacked Neuburg 'in the form of a naked savage', forcing him to drive it back at the point of a dagger.

Crowley's account has been criticized as unreliable, as the relevant original pages are torn from the notebook in which the account was written. The basic purpose of any religion is to control people. This is cloaked with a moral question: "Why should we behave like so and so? My option here would be to skip the problem by just killing them all. Hail Satan! A ritual to invoke Choronzon. Preliminary chants and blood sacrifices charge the air, I renew my Pact with the Demons of Chaos.

My body is a vessel. Annihilation of the Self in order to bring about madness and eventual disaster. Satanism in the Grand Tradition. Exaltation of the world of the flesh as a playground without restrictions. Back in there occurred a split in the Dutch Calvinist Church, caused by a quarrel over the question "Did the Serpent actually speak in Paradise?

And still does, to those who listen well…. Life sucks. Willingly I shed both flesh and soul to join the Legions of Hell. I become one with Choronzon - , a pure spirit of Hate to strike the earth with Chaos and Madness. So how do you distinguish between the loved ones and the damned? Everything gravitates towards its end. As an instrument of Darkness, I will try to hasten that process by all means. He sees you! Totally lost in the desert of christ Thirsting for truth, alone in despair Listen to me!

The desert is empty Listen to me! Jesus is dead Treacherous are the ways of their god Renounce your guilt and see for yourself His sheep stumble blind amidst opportunity Their pain and weakness go unrewarded Don't be a fool, come enter into my world Turn his wasteland into a land of plenty Taste the fruit of shameless indulgence Redeem yourself and burn at my side Burn!

My wisdom, poison to god Be enlightened by my knowledge Allow the flames to cleanse your soul Our bond is forged in purest fire Wield my power to conquer and create Your desire becomes a willing body To be as Gods, so natural and supreme Take pleasure in this other blessing Become divine 9. Committed To Hell Hand in hand with death and the damned Sick of life and sick of your god My heart pounds chaos, no need for living Stabbing away what remains of my soul I am three times three, the threefold curse Knower of death and anti-matter I am the seed of entropy Demonically sworn to chaos and evil Into the pit with no repent For this is my will All left behind, I look ahead Severed from god and redemption I stand in god's way and I stand not alone Forever committed to Hell I burn with the million favoured ones I am become One of the legion Ritually Slaughtered for Satan.

Feeding Flesh to the Vortex. Conjuration for Choronzon. Speech of the Serpent. Committed to Hell. Fornicating the Nazarene.

Dead Black Nucleus. The reading zarzax unto zax. Liber Zar Zax. Heading for holocaust. Colosseum of blood. Hell at last. Ritually slaughtered for satan. Feeding flesh to the vortex. Conjuration for choronzon.

Licensed to Olympic Recordings / Century Media Records for North America.. Recording information: Recorded April-June at Franky's Recording Kitchen, The Netherlands. Identifiers: Barcode: 3 .

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  1. Colosseum Of Blood Lyrics. Worthless lives upon sacred ground. Children of god in the arena of death. Soon to be ripped and torn apart. Pieces of meat for Caligula's art. Lame sheep standing naked. Naked with the love of their god. Their holy lies exposed to all.
  2. Feb 02,  · "Liber Zar Zax" is the 3rd album from Holland's CENTURIAN. and it is a perfect blend of the intensity of the bands' 1st album and the heaviness of they're 2nd one. there are 11 tracks of brutal extreme metal on this cd that will pummel you/5(4).
  3. Choronzon (Coronzon) is a Demon or spirit identified in the 16th century by John Dee and Edward Kelly, summoned in a dramatic ritual by Aleister Crowley in Dee referred to “Coronzon,” or , in his Enochian communications with spirits; he did not consider it to be a Demon.
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  5. Centurian - The Reading Top Centurian Lyrics Antinomian Fornicating The Nazarene Dead Black Nucleus Damned And Dead Damnation For The Holy Cross Of Fury Conjuration For Choronzon Committed To Hell Colosseum Of Blood Blood For Satan.
  6. Read or print original Colosseum Of Blood lyrics updated! Worthless lives upon sacred ground / Children of god in the arena of death.
  7. Centurian('s) Album Liber ZarZax. Listen to all tracks of Liber ZarZax for free. Recorded at Frank Kitchen studio.
  8. Sep 14,  · The Mass of Choronzon by Pete Carroll An Invocation of the personal ego or false Holy Guardian Angel, for the purpose of casting ones entire will as an Enchantment upon reality. Such an operation would normally qualify as an extreme act of black magic, were it not prefaced by an initial invocation of the formless Kia or real Holy Guardian Angel.

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