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Degenarate - Globe - Globe Decade -Complete Box 1995-2004-

Throwin'down in the double 0 Lethal dose remix. Many Classic Moments - Vincent de Moor's budou vox mix. Anytime smokin' cigarette deep JAZZ globe ver. In the Name of Love Pumping Paradaise mix. Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Hello everyone, I'm new here : I'm a fan of Globe for some time now, but I am sill quite "new" on the topic.

Could you guys help me out ant tell which PV was it I once had it and loved it but somehow it disappeared You can se Keiko in it with long blond maybe a little red hair in long white dress. She is walking around some creepy disco where everyone has their own earphones. In some moment she sees herself in a window and starts chasing the misterious woman who seems to be herself. Thanks for any help :. LaRouche has put on the ground, has put out very prominently, as the mission orientation for a Moon-Mars mission.

And now, this campaign, as my friend Sky Shields has very clearly put out, and Mr. LaRouche in his new paper has put forth [2] , this campaign has opened up a new phase of leadership in saying that, we're now going to move on to development of a rebirth of a Moon-Mars colonization policy and mission orientation for the country.

And so, I ask that each of you continue to join with me, as we fight in this campaign to provide the leadership, along with my campaign, and also the campaigns of other two representatives, Congressional candidates Rachel Brown [Massachusetts] and Summer Shields [California]. Thank you very much. This is a question from another section of the Stanford Group, from the section that was initially tasked by the Obama Administration to assess the overall state of the U.

Their question to you is the following: "Lyn, you have frequently discussed Nixon's actions in as the beginning of the end of the current financial system and of the true decline of the U. But in fact, our ongoing economic survey has led to a different conclusion. Our study shows that the taking down of the U.

And I add that, because some people will argue that the decline of the economy in the postwar period always follows the ends of wars, because of reductions in military production and spending. But we are attributing it to something different, in terms of what FDR's policies actually were. But the point is, that the decline began then. The downturn was, according to our study, temporarily reversed with the Kennedy Presidency, and most specifically the space program.

After Kennedy's murder, the disintegration intensified, but was well under way already when Richard Nixon pulled the plug. Are we looking at this the right way, and would you take a moment to comment? LaRouche: Yes, it is. Some of these takedowns were crucial in the sense that they were irreversible.

Others were the establishment of trends, which by failing to be reversed, created this process. The controlling factor in this, all along, was that the control goes back to before, long before World War II.

It goes back to the assassination of McKinley, in particular, in the whole century. Every process in the universe, according to Vernadsky, is creative. It is not particulate; it is organized by principles, as seen in this photograph taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope of Spiral Galaxy M Because remember what happened: McKinley was an obstacle to what? The policy of the United States as a nation, from the beginning, in terms of foreign policy and economic policy, had always been based on the issues of , and the split between the British faction in Massachusetts and elsewhere, and the patriotic faction.

The significance of was not the French and Indian Wars. The French and Indian Wars were a by-product of the problem, and they affected the Americans greatly on this account. But they affected them greatly because of a greater consideration. Now, we'd had wars before, but the Seven Years War was crucial. What happened, typically, is that the British and the Dutch, together, conspired to organize a Seven Years War in Europe.

It depended upon that; it was already an imperial interest. The British Empire was lodged in the imperial form of the system, not in the fact of the British monarchy. The British monarchy became a tool of the empire, but the monarchy did not define the empire.

It was Venice! The Venetian financial oligarchy, which had created all kinds of evil things. So, the point has been, the British imperial policy always was the policy of the British East India Company, which is a policy of an essentially Venetian interest.

Like a disease. You say, "I want to meet your emperor. I want the Big Bubo. But no, what there is, is a culture. You know, this goes back to a more fundamental question which most politicians don't even know about. And most historians don't know about, either.

Or, they call them "hysterians" for that reason. They don't know what the problem is, but they're excited about it. So, anyway, what's the point? What's the nature of mankind? Forget particularism. The non-living processes are creative. Living processes are inherently creative.

Mankind is inherently creative, but it's not the same thing. Mankind's creativity is voluntary, and is located essentially in the capacity of the human individual. So, we're dealing with mass phenomena, global phenomena, we're not dealing with a kinematic system. And most idiots, politicians and historians and so forth, are idiots because they think in terms of kinematic considerations. They think of ideas as spread kinematically from person to person, when most people don't even know why they think what they think!

Therefore, what they think, about what they think, is not a definition of their interest. Nor is it, above all, a definition of their behavior. Mass behavior is not based on individual opinion. As Shelley illustrates in his concluding paragraph of his A Defence of Poetry. What determines all processes in the universe, is what the ancient Greeks before Aristotle knew as dynamis , which was revived in the last decade of the 17th Century, as dynamics.

And then you had people get frantic about what Leibniz had done in presenting modern dynamics, and they invented a new name, a new meaning, for dynamics, which is commonly used today, but which is worth nothing, it's totally incompetent. Dynamics indicates that the processes that govern humanity, are dynamic.

They are characteristics of processes, not reactions among things. They are not kinematic in any sense. They're dynamic—in Leibniz's sense; as Shelley describes mass behavior in the concluding paragraphs of his A Defence of Poetry. All human behavior is defined by mass behavior, and the role of the individual lies in the relationship between individual behavior's influence on mass behavior.

Mass behavior is dynamic. The individual acts not on the "I'm one individual," and then another, and then another. The individual acts on the mass, the process. The relation is not concrete, it's not particular; it's dynamic. And dynamic means not particular. Kinematic interaction among things is not dynamics, contrary to people who don't know any better and say so.

So, therefore, that's the process you're looking at. Now, human intelligence is dynamic, and the reason most musicians who try to sing fail, even when they're well-trained, is because they don't know dynamics.

Dynamics is located in the action of the individual on the process. The process is primary. The individual expresses the conscious element, of action, of the individual with the process. For example, it is not the validity of ideas that determines what ideas will be accepted. In most societies, what they believe generally is wrong. And the innovations in ideas they make as processes are wrong, destructive. So, therefore, the function is, the way in which the individual is able to influence a dynamic process.

And that's the way this thing works. And therefore, when you have a society which is based on positivist thinking: Just think, how many people who are professors in universities, in scientific and related subjects, or any other subject, how do they teach?

They teach the individual as an object, or as an object in a kinematic process, not a dynamic one. But the problem is, in modern European civilization, which is based on Sarpi's teaching, and on the followers of Sarpi, most people deny the existence of dynamics. Because, as you should know, every professor of sociology will say, there are no principles in the universe, but we adduce from behavior what effects are favorable to our satisfaction, our greed, our lust.

What it does for me. It doesn't "do" anything, for me. That's it, isn't it? That's John Locke. That's Adam Smith. That's all of the British School. What dominates our universities today? The British school of sociology. It's all the same. The disease is British sociology. The disease is liberalism, which is exactly what this means. There is no principle in this society. Why is there no principle in this society?

Because the rulers of society don't want it. Because a principle would interfere. Like the health-care case, right? Obama's fascist Nazi health-care policy, for example: They say it's for the good of the people. We've got to kill more people for the benefit of the people. That's what he's saying!

That's kinematics. There is no principle of humanity. There is no sacredness to human life. There's no sacredness to the right to human life. There's no sacredness to any human right. It's all based on what the mass decides, the pestilence decides. So, therefore, we have the wrong conception, because we don't understand this process.

That's why we go at this question of cosmic radiation, as opposed to particulars. But, if you just think about it, think about how many professors, and so-called experts, always think in these terms, as if it's a kinematic interaction among individual wills, and there is no principle except what the social process, by this statistical process of collisions, somehow determines.

That the majority vote determines what's right. Well, the majority voted for it. It's right. That's what they said in Nazi Germany! So, what's the difference between people who support Obama, and Nazis from Germany? What's the difference between the British monarchy and the Nazis? As a matter of fact, the British monarchy created the Nazis, truth be known. But then the Nazis got out of control, and the British were unhappy about it.

But then they adopted the policy. They killed the Nazis, but they adopted the policy, and said, "That's mine! This is my sacred belief. That's what the nature of the problem is, is that we have not yet recognized this phenomenon. Which is what I'm working on now, with what they're doing.

Everything I'm doing, apart from what I do from day to day, is exactly that. This question, is to get clear what the nature of dynamics is, what's wrong with positivism. What's wrong with our mathematicians. Why mathematicians are not physicists. They may claim to be, but they're not. And many times, I find a problem, where a guy says, I'm a mathematician.

Or you play with yourself too much. You're not doing anything physical, you're playing with yourself, for mental gratification. So, that's the nature of the problem.

This is one of these areas where we've come to a time in history, where everything that we need to do, depends upon understanding the truth about this matter.

What is man? What is the nature of society? The real control in society comes from dynamics. It works in an ordinary society, in the form of education. What you must do in society, is educate the population. What you're trying to educate, is not educate them to an opinion, but to stimulate them to think in ways which improve the dynamic which is operating within the society. It's what they take into consideration. What we decide to do on Haiti today, as a decision, and the considerations that come into place on the Haitian question, whether we do it or not, determines what we are, doesn't it?

What the American people do, about the crisis faced by Haiti today, is the expression of the dynamic. If the United States, as a nation, rejects Haiti, and goes with Obama against the Haiti decision, as it's doing, that is a rejection of humanity. And he's no damned good, for that reason. Not that he's no damned good because he does the wrong thing, or the wrong action. He's no damned good because his contribution to the dynamic is evil. Because if your policy does not recognize the humanity of the people of Haiti, and the inherent human rights at stake, and the need to defend the cause of those human rights as a dynamic in society, then you're evil.

The President is evil. So, you want to do good? That doesn't do it for you. Are you committed to influencing the dynamic which influences society, in such a way that you are impelled to make choices which correspond to what is right? And the problem with the members of Congress today is, they don't do that. They have other considerations: "I have loyalties to my constituency," or "disloyalties to my constituency," as I guess, is the favorite sport today. So, that's the problem. That's the way I would put it; in that framework, is the most important thing, in discussing the question, in particular the question: The framework in which we define what the problems are, and what the solutions are.

Freeman: This question comes from someone who is a leader of the Stanford group, but also was a former cabinet member. She's an economist. Anytime smokin' cigarette 3. Try this Shoot 5. I'm still alone 8. Merry Go Round Lights brought the future FACE 3. Can't Stop Fallin' in Love 4. Feel Like dance 5. Love again 8. Perfume of love 9. Sa yo Na Ra Wanderin' Destiny Is this love 5. So far away from home Beatiful Journey 6.

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I'm still alone 8.

Dec 26,  · DEGENERATE FACES PLACES Is this love So far away from home (Beautiful Journey) 专辑名称:Globe decade -single history [3CD] 歌 手:globe(地球乐团) THE BOX this is the last night INSIDE powermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo seize the light.

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