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How Deep Is The Ocean - Phyllis Marshall - That Girl

Fred Nation died on 26th June , aged 59, and Elizabeth Nation moved to the almshouses in the Bathpool parish. An article in West Monkton Then and Now describes how the family came to be back in Bathpool: Later, her [Doris's] parents and brother Fred moved to Taunton when her grandfather [Fred Nation senior] died, to look after their grandmother [Elizabeth Nation] at Baytree Cottage in Bathpool.

Her younger brother Victor was born after they came to Bathpool. All the children attended the West Monkton Primary School, a fair old walk especially at the age of 4 or 5. In fact, when Victor started school young Doris's mother [Elizabeth Nation] thought it was too far for him to walk, so sister had to take him every day in a pushchair, leaving home at Mother said "Don't you push him too fast down that hill", but of course I did!

In West Monkton Then and Now, Doris describes life in the village during the s: The headmaster at the time was Mr John Millington whose daughter sometimes played the organ at Bathpool Church, where both Fred and Vic Nation sang in the choir - in Vic's case "Throughout most of the s after I was spotted singing a solo in the annual school concert by Mr Blackmore the organist at Bathpool church.

On page there is a photograph of Elizabeth Nation with her grandson Victor - 'taken at the time when as a small boy he used to visit her in the old St Margarets Almshouses' see above. The article continues Pages The almshouses were administered by the Spital Trust, which dates back to the 12th century. Mrs Aston's brother Mr Victor Nation recalls visiting his grandmother there.

I often stayed overnight with my grandmother, although this was strictly against the rules. In four new almshouses were built in Monkton Heathfield as the old ones were deemed to be unfit for habitation. His father Clifford had by then left the army and was working for the post office.

He died in a road accident in Devon still a young man aged 37, and was buried in West Monkton on 13th December In she married George Smith in Taunton. In she was living at Coronation Road Bridgwater at the time of her mother's death on 22nd November that year aged 90, at number 4 The Almshouses, West Monkton.

Rosa Duke is listed in the census at Laburnum Terrace Creech St Michael, aged 36 years, born in West Monkton and working as a finisher at a paper mill. Her husband William, 38, was a stationery stoker at the mill. The mill there was probably the main industry and employer. Her mother Elizabeth and both brothers were also from West Monkton. The census records her, aged 16, working as a paper sorter at the mill.

Rosa's father William was originally from Chumleigh, north of Dartmoor in Devon. Her brother Francis worked at the mill as a paper sorter. On 19th December she married William Duke, then a labourer. Both were living at Creech St Michael. It is possible that she knew one of the other Bathpool singers, Thirza Burge, who had also worked at the mill. She was born in West Monkton in and is listed in the census, aged 46, married to William Burge of Bathpool, originally from Stogumber, Somerset, working as a carter and coal merchant.

Mrs Burge's occupation is listed as ' marine stores' , which suggests she may have been running a small business in the village, possibly associated with the canal trade. The three eldest children, Thirza Ada, 18, William Ernest, 16, and Henrietta, aged 14, were all working at the Creech St Michael paper mill, the daughters as paper sorters and William junior as a paper coating hand.

There were four more daughters aged 14, 12, 10 and 3, and another son aged 5. In , aged 25, Mrs Burge worked in the paper mill as a sorter. Her husband was an agricultural labourer. Thirza Burge died in and was buried at West Monkton on 2nd December Her husband John was the head teacher at the school until They were both stalwart workers at West Monkton parish church, St Augustine's, throughout their time in the village. They lived at The Croft, Monkton Heathfield, when the songs were collected, and the house remained the family home until their daughter Edith Mary died in Her brother, also William, was 5 years older.

In they lived at 22 East Reach Taunton. Her father, who was born in Cothelstone, died before the next census in By then, the household included a lodger, Henry Wilmington, a 37 year old baker. Ellen Rogers married John Millington in Taunton in John Millington had been the census enumerator for Bathpool that year and was a teacher at the national school at West Monkton.

His family were from Worcestershire, John from Northfield and his mother from Cradley. Ellen Millington was an organiser for the Girls Friendly Society for over 30 years. She supervised the West Monkton branch. It's likely that they knew each other well and may have continued their association after Phyllis Marshall moved from Somerset to Tidenham in Gloucestershire.

Ellen Millington died in December and her burial at West Monkton is recorded in the parish register on 9th January The parish magazine carried a short tribute to her life and work.

The West Monkton parish magazines show that Mr and Mrs Millington and their daughter played a significant part in the life of St Augustine's church. John was a churchwarden for 25 years and also a Sunday School teacher. He had been associated with Bathpool All Saints church since its inception and had been a choirmaster. The parish magazine carried a tribute to him after his death on April 30th , aged An obituary also appeared in the Somerset County Herald for May 6th that year. The article was headed 'A useful life closes' , and noted that there were few activities in the village that John Millington did not engage, be it cricket, local history, music teaching, carpentry, secretary of the local flower show, sending parcels to troops in the First World War, and organising the Bathpool and Monkton reading rooms.

He represented the church at ecumenical conferences, and took a full part in church activities like the choir suppers. He was for a time an administrator of the Spital Almshouses, and helped organise the building of the new almshouses as well as saving the old building from demolition.

Truly a pillar of local life from the end of the nineteenth century to his last days! Ellen's daughter Edith Mary Millington also played a major part in church life. She became the deputy organist, taking a carol service in as well as at a later harvest festival. Like her parents, she was a teacher. She was active in the Women's Institute in the s and also became clerk to the trustees of the Spital Almshouses after the move to their new building. She died in November aged A note in the manuscript says she had learned the song 'from a Welsh girl in Cardiff'.

This could suggest that she had travelled from her original home. She was 58 and born in Dublin. The head of the household was Walter Richards, 49, a cab driver. It's possible that this Mrs Murphy worked later in West Monkton, but it is unlikely that this can be confirmed. The census records Mrs Ann Thomas aged 74, a pensioner born living in 2 rooms in Bathpool at an unspecified address, but probably at Spital Almshouses.

We may assume her to be the singer, although there is a discrepancy about her age; Phyllis Marshall may have overestimated her age in her manuscript note. The census records an Annie Thomas widow aged 58 working and living as a florist at Church Causeway Yatton, and born in West Monkton.

It's possible that this is the same person. It's possible that she moved from the village as a young woman and returned there after to take advantage of the charitable accommodation at the Spital almshouse. In the booklet West Monkton Then and Now p , there is a photograph of the last residents of the old Almhouses St Margarets , probably dating from the s, taken in front of the building, just before Mrs Thomas died.

The seaward reef gradually deepens from the intertidal moving outward until it drops off into the ocean depths. On the eastern side, the seaward reef front tends to be wider, with the knee of the drop at about 15 to 25 meters 50 to 80 feet , and the slope of the deeper coral-covered drop typically 45 to 60 degrees.

On the leeward reef, the reef front is narrower, with the knee of the drop typically around 6 to 8 meters 20 to 25 feet and the outer slope steeper, 60 degrees or more and even vertical in some areas. The leeward reef front is also often cut by steep-sided channels opening on the outer slope and narrowing back in towards the intertidal reef.

With little land for run-off, atoll waters are mostly very clear , with visibilities often exceeding 45 meters feet on the seaward slopes.

Visibility within the lagoon tends to be less, but it is not too unusual to be able to see at least 30 meters down from the surface. The common thread how the ocean has molded their lives and given them meaning beyond the normal constraints of society. Mankind has always referred to the Ocean as a She. Retrieved Dynamite International. Daily Mail. Retrieved 6 February The Philippine Star. In the third season, she gains entry into the downed spacecraft that originally brought her to Earth.

There, she finds another of her people in suspended animation. The new character, Kal, proves to be the son of the commander of the vessel, and helps her tap into the ship's memory core.

She finds the ship's log, in which Kal's mother explains that Neri's father was to repair the damage done to Earth's oceans with an advanced device called the Synchronium. She then dedicates her life to her father's cause, giving her a genuine sense of purpose that she had perhaps lacked earlier in the series.

As protest, Kal leaves the island. UBRI tricks Kal into believing that the male should lead as he had been indoctrinated into the matriarchal social mores of his people , and he creates an alliance with Dr. Hellegren to steal the Synchronium pieces that Neri and Mera have hidden in a secret cave. While the primary cast gets new motivations by UBRI's move to ORCA and Kal's appearance on the island, the secondary cast radically changes at the outset of the third season.

All of the original kids are replaced by a new crew, and more adults are added to the ORCA staff. As Neri begins her father's mission, she is drawn farther and farther away from her island.

Beginning in the middle of the third season, some episodes are primarily based on land. By the fourth season, some episodes are set in Egypt , and her father's quest eventually leads her back to the "Ocean Planet", her home planet. Most of the plots involving the secondary kids on ORCA are reduced in the final season, in order to allow for greater exploration of Neri's homeworld. Several new characters of Neri's species are introduced.

Exterior shot of a floating monitoring station, anchors, large chains and other bits of equipment sat in a yard. And we can use that as a model to build potentially more of these systems, and so then we keep adding to that and we keep building our knowledge.

Close-up of small solar panel affixed to a piece of equipment. View of a researcher sat working on a floating monitoring station with several solar panels inside a building. Shot of Steven explaining to a group of students standing by a large water tank with a glider inside it. Close-up of a man working on a bit of electrical equipment.

View of the open water, the side of a research vessel to the right of the shot, then disappearing from view as the shot pans left. Text appears on-screen as displayed below against an out-of-focus background of moving, glistening particles.

The Metocean Monitoring Project is a long-term study expected to span decades. Shell is committed to the invaluable data collection for the lifetime of the Stones Project. The University of Southern Mississippi is one of the first to get involved.

Even a small change can have a great impact on food chains and weather patterns. The mooring line is particularly important because it is affected by the Loop Current, a highway of warm water that flows through the Gulf of Mexico, into the Gulf Stream, and up the Atlantic Seaboard of the USA.

Because ocean currents effectively act as massive "conveyor belts" by moving warm and cold bodies of water around that can lead to global weather changes, understanding this vital system may ultimately lead to better weather forecasting, Dr Howden believes.

The latest manufacturing technology could change how virtually everything is made, one layer at a time. Stones is an ultra deep-water oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico.

It will host the deepest production facility in the world in some 2, metres 9, feet of water. Shell has a long history of developing energy projects using its knowledge, experience and proven deep-water technologies to unlock new resources safely and efficiently.

We develop innovative technologies to find and safely unlock more, and affordable, energy from ever harder-to-reach places. Scientists gain new line to the deep ocean. Ruth Perry Year to year we have hurricanes and tropical storms. Steven DiMarco So I teach a lot of the data methods classes in the department of oceanography.

As Thousands Cheer is a revue with a book by Moss Hart and music and lyrics by Irving Berlin, first performed in The revue contained satirical sketches and witty or poignant musical numbers, several of which became standards, including " Heat Wave ", " Easter Parade " and "Harlem on my Mind".Book: Moss Hart.

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  1. The oceans' deepest area is the Mariana Trench, also called the Marianas Trench, which is in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The trench is 1, miles long and 44 miles wide, or times larger than the Grand Canyon. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the trench is almost 5 times wider than it is deep.
  2. Phyllis Marshall may have invited the singers to the rectory to sing and note down the songs on the piano or organ. Summary Phyllis Marshall was a young enthusiast for folk song and dance inspired by the early 20th century revival.
  3. Fish Girl joins the talents of popular novelist Donna Jo Napoli and popular children’s picture book maker David Weisner. Neither had done graphic novels before, but clearly Napoli is as established a storyteller as Weisner is an illustrator/5.
  4. That same year, Berlin published How Deep Is The Ocean and it became a huge hit. Inspired, Berlin returned to stage works and created a hit show, Face The Music (Premiered February 17, ) which featured some new hit songs that resonated with the public, including Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee.
  5. Nov 11,  · The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video I explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down.
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  7. ‎Vanessa and Jason go out on a mission with the boat but Neri warns Jason that an earthquake is coming, so they return. After saving Jason from a shark while swimming near her island, Neri tells Jason her life story—that which she remembers. Brett worries that Commander Lucas and his mom are being to /5(32).
  8. She is the Ocean: «From Innesse Blokhina, the acclaimed director of ON THE WAVE, comes the second chapter in her trilogy of documentaries about the wonders of the Ocean and the people whom it calls to make it their life».-Surftime Magazine, As if Innesse Blohina’s award winning documentary ON THE WAVE wasn’t deep enough, now the Russian director is planning to take her audience even.
  9. Scientists gain new line to the deep ocean. A new mooring line in the Gulf of Mexico could further scientific knowledge of the world's interconnected ocean systems. The Stones project in the Gulf of Mexico is home to the world’s deepest oil and gas production system.

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