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Nothing To Say - D Rail - The Circus

Your momma been coaching ya? Dixon : No. My momma didn't do that. Desk Sergeant : You did good, Dixon. Dixon : Yeah, I know I did. Mildred Hayes : Dixon? Mildred Hayes : Are you sure about this? Dixon : 'Bout killing this guy? Not really. Mildred Hayes : Not really. I guess we can decide along the way. Dixon : What's the matter with you, saying that goddamn stuff on TV?

My momma watches that station. Mildred Hayes : Your momma doesn't know about the torturing? Dixon : No, she doesn't know anything about it. She's against that kinda thing. Willoughby : Who's against what?

Dixon : Momma She said nigger-torturing. I said, You can't say nigger-torturing no more. You gotta say persons-of-color-torturing. Isn't that right, Chief? Mildred, agitated by this, goes out of her car to confront him and a girl who was with him]. You know who threw that can? Boy : What can? Mildred Hayes : How about you, sweetheart? Girl : Uh, no, I didn't really see Robbie : Thank you, Mom. Mildred Hayes : You got something to say to me?

Charlie : If I'd known, we could have double dated. Mildred Hayes : Doesn't shit girl have a curfew week nights? Charlie : No, no, in fact I was actually gonna take her to the circus later, but there's no need now. Does he juggle? Mildred Hayes : Look, I'm having one dinner with the guy cause he did me a favour, okay?

Charlie : You don't have to explain yourself to me cause you're having dinner with a midget, Mildred. Mildred Hayes : I'm not explaining myself to you. Charlie : You kinda are. Look, I didn't come over here to break your balls.

You can date as many midgets as you want. Mildred Hayes : Did you really tell him Anger begets greater anger? Penelope : Oh, yes! I did! I didn't make it up myself though. I can't claim that! No, I read it on a bookmark. Which was in a book I was reading. About polio. Charlie : Polo. Penelope : No, which is the one with the horses? Here we see her wearing a pair of bunny slippers].

Mildred Hayes : What are you gonna do, Mildred? You're gonna crucify 'em? Mildred Hayes : Who are you gonna crucify? The motherfuckers? Mildred Hayes : Woah, I guess those motherfuckers better watch out, alright?

Fucking A. Geoffrey : I just wanted to say, there's a lot of good friends of Bill Willoughby in this town, Ms. Geoffrey : Goddamn it! Mildred Hayes : Then why don't you tell those good friends of Bill Willoughby to tell him to go do his fucking job, fat boy. Willoughby : Hey there Mildred! The railroad impacted the type of equipment carried by the various shows. Mud shows made every attempt to keep their wagons light and small in size, but the railroad show permitted the shows to increase the dimensions and weight of their wagons.

After the penny conscious show owners filled the insides of their wagons, they modified the outsides to carry even more equipment. The wagons were further modified to include removal or flipping up of the wagon tongues used to pull the wagons to the show grounds so that they could get more wagons on a flat car.

When the railroad show owner could no longer modify the wagon to carry more equipment, they modified the rail cars themselves. The circus and carnivals wasted no space on the railroad cars; extra tent poles, ride parts, and various equipment was stored either on the roofs of stock cars or under the wagons on the flat cars. Some of these early shows actually had so much surplus equipment crammed into and on the wagons that the sides actually bulged dangerously beyond the sides of the rail cars themselves.

The railroads generally charged the show to haul their train in multiples of five or ten railcars. If a show consisted of ten to 35 cars, the railroad charge in increments of 5 cars; shows of forty or more cars were charged in increments of ten cars. So, whether the show train consisted of 16 or 20 cars, the owner was charged for a movement of twenty cars. Therefore, you will find that the length of most show trains were in multiples of five or ten. A typical 20 car train of the time would consist of 5 stock cars, 10 flats, and four coaches.

The fifth coach would be traveling ahead of the show as an advance or advertising car, perhaps connected to a scheduled railroad passenger train, but was still included as one of the 20 cars of the train. Two car railroad shows began around the s. For many a fledgling operator, the introduction into outdoor show business was on a shoestring budget.

Few could afford the initial outlay of money that was required to get a show of any decent size on the road. Although the large flatcar railroad shows moved on their own schedule, the Two Car Show moved on regularly scheduled trains, usually passenger trains.

They mainly consisted of a baggage car and a coach. In the days of these Two Car Railroad shows, it was standard railroad procedure that anyone buying a specific number of first-class tickets, usually 25, received a free baggage car.

Even with the two-car railroad show that might own its own cars, the railroads operated the same way. Buy the specified number of first-class train tickets and the railroad moved the cars for free.

Many a two-car show owner would buy only the required number of tickets but carry upwards of 75 people. These un-ticketed people would hide in possum bellies, any available compartment, and especially the baggage car until the conductor had received the tickets and counted the people on the car.

Frequently, the two car shows would rent a show lot from the railroad and set up adjoining the railroad cars on the siding. This was basically a skeletal wagon with removable wagon wheels. When the show was traveling, the wagon would be disassembled and shoved into any remaining space on the baggage car.

Most showmen of the day knew the amount of work associated with a Gilly operation and the infrequency of the paydays and stayed away from such operations. All equipment had to be torn down, loaded onto the wagon, then transported to the railcar. The wagon would then be returned to the lot to get whatever equipment was left. This process might require a half dozen trips.

Once at the rail car, it would have to be reloaded from the wagon and packed tightly into the train. The last of the Gilly Shows was Cooper Bros. Circus which called it quits at the end of their season. It cost the shows the same amount to move ten 40 foot cars as it did to move ten 60 foot ones.

In the heyday of the railroad show, two companies emerged as the primary suppliers of circus and carnival flat and stock cars, the Warren Tank Car Company and Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Company.

View our privacy policy here. Click here to subscribe or unsubscribe from our various email lists Q: What is the history and current information on Jay Sarno's two-story, duplex executive suite at Circus Circus? A: Sarno's two-story suite in the first Circus Circus tower, built in , still exists. It's not available as a guest room, although the company does rent it out as meeting space see bottom of page.

MGM Resorts International has absorbed a lot of casinos over the last 16 years and, with them, a great deal of Las Vegas history. The Sarno aerie, which the mogul occupied from to at which point he was bought out , has seven bedrooms and occupies part of the 14th and 15th floors of the original Circus Circus tower. If you want to say you've at least found it, take the elevator nearest the steakhouse, go to the 14th floor and look for Suite In Sarno's day, it would have overlooked the Riviera and the rooftop of the Circus Circus casino but now provides a scenic view of a demolition site, soon to be overflow parking for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

From the outside, it's just another hotel room. Were you to get inside you'd find according to MGM "refrigerators, full wet bar with ice-maker, Jacuzzi tub" and all those bedrooms. The main living area and master bedroom are two stories tall. Curving staircases at either end of the suite lead to with two bathrooms, two sitting rooms and a study on the 15th floor.

Doors on the far ends of the suite connect it with adjoining hotel rooms. Sarno sometimes shared the suite with pal Evel Knievel. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. The party was nothing short of a disaster.

Sep 04,  · A circus train is a specialized train for transporting workers, equipment, and livestock. In the s, traveling circuses began using the rail network to move their shows from one community to the next. Since that time, the circus train has become a colorful and iconic image of the circus world.

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  1. A Family Circus Christmas is a animated NBC special based on Bil Keane's long-running syndicated comic strip The Family Circus. Produced by Edward F. Cullen and associate produced by Saul Kasdan, it premiered on December 18, It followed 's .
  2. Circus train schedule for RB B&B Circus Train Blue Unit. Content provided as an educational volunteer effort of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation (APRHF), a (c)(3) non-profit organization. Please help support the preservation and promotion of passenger rail heritage.
  3. Nov 11,  · (The dogs, on the other hand, were the jolliest bunch of pups I have ever seen, and I am perfectly okay with a dog in the circus if he is treated well. In fact, I would love to see an all-dog circus, but I doubt that’s spectacular enough to draw more than a few freaks like me.) 3) It’s not just the animals, but the people I felt sad for/5(81).
  4. Jun 23,  · Category Music; Song Goodby Cruel World; Artist James Darren; Album Teen-Age Triangle; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Rhino (Pure)); CMRRA, Memory Lane Music (Publishing), LatinAutor.
  5. The Circus Train [Jessie M. And Dorcas Knittle] on powermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Circus Train breaks down, but the small town is thrilled with the performers, acts and animalsPrice: $
  6. The Virginia Railway Express (VRE), a joint project of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission will provide safe, cost effective, accessible, reliable, convenient, and comfortable commuter-oriented rail passenger service.
  7. The parade is not the circus. Sermon preached at the eleven o’clock service, June 30, The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Based on Luke The story is told of a little boy who lived out in the country around the time that the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth century.
  8. This image has nothing to do with what is usually referred to as circus photography, it is shot backstage, there is no circus ring, no light, no stage costume, and no audience, yet it is a splendid vision of an animal trainer. Cordon did not like to be described as a circus powermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo: , Toulouse, France.
  9. D-Rail ARE DEAD!'s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. D-Rail ARE DEAD! | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos D-Rail .
  10. The Pheu Thai circus How many times have Pheu Thai politicians shot themselves in the foot. I've lost count. This time they just shot themselves in the mouth, blaming the government for the floods.

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