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One Hundred Years - The Cure - Yellow Mood

Please l [ A ] ove me. Meet my [ G ] mother. But the [ D ] fear takes hold [ F ]. C [ A ] reeping up the stairs in the [ G ] dark. Waiting for the [ D ] death [ F ] blow. W [ A ] aiting for the death [ G ] blow. Wa [ D ] iting for the death [ F ] blow. She [ D ] struggles to get [ F ] away. We decided we weren't going to throw anything out. We built this mountain of empties in the corner, a gigantic pile of debris in the corner.

It just grew and grew". I can't remember exactly why, but we did". Smith noted, "At the time, I lost every friend I had, everyone, without exception, because I was incredibly obnoxious, appalling, self-centered". He also noted that with the album, he "channelled all the self-destructive elements of my personality into doing something".

Polydor Records , the company in charge of Fiction Records , the label on which the album was released, was initially displeased with the album's title, which it saw as being potentially offensive. Regarding the album's musical style, NME reviewer Dave Hill wrote, "The drums, guitars, voice and production style are pressed scrupulously together in a murderous unity of surging, textured mood".

Hill further described it as " Phil Spector in Hell". Smith said that "the reference point for the record was not Joy Division at all but the first Psychedelic Furs album which had, like, a density of sound, really powerful".

They drew something out of me". Pornography was released on 3 May Despite the commercial performance of the album, Pornography was not well received by most music critics upon its release. NME reviewer Dave Hill was ambivalent towards the album, writing that while he found the lyrics "tiresomely self-analytical," the album "portrays and parades its currency of exposed futility and utterly naked fear with so few distractions or adornments, and so little sense of shame.

It really piles it on. The Cure have applied themselves to catching a related collection of the very purest feelings endemic to their age, and holding them right on the spot in their intangible, unspecified, unmanageable and most unpleasantly real form.

You got your contract, right? And your synthesizers, bet you'll have fun with them. Believe me, kid, it will pass. Considine commented that the lyrics seem "stuck in the terminal malaise of adolescent existentialism", concluding, " Pornography comes off as the aural equivalent of a bad toothache.

It isn't the pain that irks, it's the persistent dullness". Retrospective views of Pornography have been more favourable. According to Apter, Pornography would prove to be "enormously influential", and has been cited as an influence by bands such as Deftones and System of a Down.

In the period preceding and following the release of Pornography , the band started to develop their trademark image of big hair, smudged makeup and black clothes. It was supposed to symbolise the violence of the new material but backstage, another kind of violence had begun to surface from the first dates of the tour.

The band performed in the UK in April NME considered that the show "was all very skillfully deployed: a bruisingly clear sound of scathing force, a clockwork, Pavlovian lightshow, a variegation of light and shade in the song order that builds to the unmitigating force of 'Pornography' itself as the climax".

The Associates toured as support band for the Cure and the Passions on the Future Pastimes Tour of England between November and December—all three bands were on the Fiction Records roster—with the new Cure line-up already performing a number of new songs for the projected second album.

Due to the band's lack of creative control on the first album, Smith exerted a greater influence on the recording of the Cure's second album Seventeen Seconds , which he co-produced with Mike Hedges. A single from the album, " A Forest ", became the band's first UK hit single, reaching number 31 on the singles chart. And it seemed like we were trying to be more obscure.

We just didn't like the standard rock thing. The whole thing really got out of hand. The Cure set out on their first world tour to promote both releases. At the end of the tour, Matthieu Hartley left the band. Hartley said, "I realised that the group was heading towards suicidal, sombre music—the sort of thing that didn't interest me at all. The band reconvened with Hedges to produce their third album, Faith , which furthered the dour mood present on Seventeen Seconds. By this point, the sombre mood of the music had a profound effect on the attitude of the band and they were "stuck in a ghoulish rut".

Sometimes Smith would be so absorbed by the persona he projected onstage he would leave at the end in tears. In the Cure recorded and released Pornography , the third and final album of an "oppressively dispirited" trio that cemented the Cure's stature as purveyors of the emerging gothic rock genre.

But it had nothing to do with the group, it just had to do with what I was like, my age and things. I think I got to my worst round about Pornography. Looking back and getting other people's opinions of what went on, I was a pretty monstrous sort of person at that time". The release of Pornography was followed by the Fourteen Explicit Moments tour, where the band finally dropped the anti-image angle and first adopted their signature look of big, towering hair and smeared lipstick on their faces.

Gallup and Smith did not talk to each other for eighteen months following his departure. With Gallup's departure from the Cure and Smith's work with Siouxsie and the Banshees, rumours spread that the Cure had broken up. I've been pondering that question myself [ I know that. Parry was concerned at the state of his label's top band, and became convinced that the solution was for the Cure to reinvent its musical style.

Parry managed to convince Smith and Tolhurst of the idea; Parry said, "It appealed to Robert because he wanted to destroy the Cure anyway. While Smith wrote the single as a throwaway, "stupid" pop song to the press, [48] it became a minor hit in the UK, reaching number 44 on the singles chart, [30] but entered the Top 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

It was followed in by two more successful songs: the synthesiser-based " The Walk " number 12 , and " The Love Cats ", which became the band's first British Top 10 hit, reaching number seven. In , the Cure released The Top , a generally psychedelic album on which Smith played most of the instruments except the drums played by Andy Anderson and the saxophone played by returnee Pearl Thompson.

The album was a Top 10 hit in the UK, and was their first studio album to break the Billboard in the US, reaching number Released in late , the Cure's first live album, Concert consisted of performances from this tour. Near the tour's end, Anderson was fired for destroying a hotel room and was replaced by Boris Williams. Soon after reconciling, Smith asked Gallup to rejoin the band.

In , the new line-up of Smith, Tolhurst, Gallup, Thompson and Williams released The Head on the Door , an album that managed to bind together the optimistic and pessimistic aspects of the band's music between which they had previously shifted.

Following the album and world tour, the band released the singles compilation Standing on a Beach in three formats each with a different track listing and a specific name in This release was accompanied by a VHS and LaserDisc called Staring at the Sea , which featured videos for each track on the compilation.

During this time, the Cure became a very popular band in Europe particularly in France, Germany and the Benelux countries and increasingly popular in the US. In , the Cure released the musically eclectic double LP Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me , which reached number six in the UK, the Top 10 in several countries [59] and was the band's first entry into the US Top 40 at number 35 where it was certified platinum , [30] [51] [60] reflecting the band's rising mainstream popularity.

The album's third single, " Just Like Heaven ", was the band's most successful single to date in the US, being their first to enter the Billboard Top After the album's release, the band recruited the Psychedelic Furs keyboardist Roger O'Donnell and successfully toured as a sixtet but during the European leg of the tour, Lol Tolhurst's alcohol consumption began to interfere with his ability to perform.

In , the Cure released the album Disintegration , which was critically praised and became their highest charting album to date, entering at number three in the UK and featuring three Top 30 singles in the UK and Germany: " Lullaby ", " Lovesong " and " Pictures of You ". During the Disintegration sessions, the band gave Smith an ultimatum that either Tolhurst would have to leave the band or they would. Smith attributed Tolhurst's dismissal to an inability to exert himself and issues with alcohol, concluding, "He was out of step with everything.

It had just become detrimental to everything we'd do. The one new song on the collection, " Never Enough ", was released as a single. In respite from the lawsuit, the band returned to the studio to record their next album. Between the release of Wish and the start of sessions for the Cure's next studio album, the band's line-up shifted again.

The sessions for the new album began in with only Smith and Bamonte present; the pair were later joined by Gallup who was recovering from physical problems and keyboardist O'Donnell, who had been asked to rejoin the band at the end of Wild Mood Swings , finally released in , was poorly received compared with previous albums and marked the end of the band's commercial peak.

In the band released Galore , a compilation album containing all of the Cure's singles released between and , as well as the new single " Wrong Number ", which featured longtime David Bowie guitarist Reeves Gabrels. With only one album left in their record contract and with commercial response to Wild Mood Swings and the Galore compilation lacklustre, Smith once again considered that the end of the Cure might be near and thus wanted to make an album that reflected the more serious side of the band.

In , the Cure signed with Geffen Records. The album peaked at number on the Billboard albums chart. It made a top ten debut on both sides of the Atlantic in July From 24 July to 29 August, the Cure headlined the Curiosa concert tour of North America, which was formatted as a travelling festival and also featured Interpol , The Rapture , Mogwai , Muse and Thursday , among other groups.

In May , O'Donnell and Bamonte were fired from the band. O'Donnell claims Smith informed him he was reducing the band to a three-piece. Previously O'Donnell said he had only found out about the band's upcoming tour dates via a fan site and added, "It was sad to find out after nearly twenty years the way I did, but then I should have expected no less or more.

The Cure began writing and recording material for their thirteenth album in Stroking your hair as the patriots are shot Fighting for freedom on the television Sharing the world with slaughtered pigs Have we got everything? She struggles to get away.

The pain and the creeping feeling, a little black haired girl Waiting for Saturday the death of her father pushing her Pushing her white face into the mirror Aching inside me and turn me round Just like the old days Just like the old days Just like the old days. Caressing an old man and painting a lifeless face Just a piece of new meat in a clean room The soldiers close in under a yellow moon All shadows and deliverance under a black flag.

A hundred years of blood crimson The ribbon tightens round my throat I open my mouth and my head bursts open A sound like a tiger thrashing in the water Thrashing in the water Over and over we die one after the other Over and over we die one after the other After the other After the other After the other After the other After the other.

It feels like a hundred years One hundred years One hundred years One hundred years One hundred years. One Hundred Years The Cure.

One Hundred Years of darkness, suffering, inquality and despair. The opening line is essentially a summary of the whole song 'It doesn't matter if we all die' - and the world probably wouldn't suffer one bit 5/5(12).

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  1. The Cure. The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in The band has experienced several line-up changes, with frontman, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member. The Cure first began releasing music in the late s with its debut album Three Imaginary Boys (); this.
  2. The Cure dalszöveg (14 The Cure album) ABC sorrendben, keresővel a dalszöpowermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo-n. Meathook Mint Car More Than This Mouth to Mouth Mr. Alphabet says Mr. Pink Eyes Never Never Enough New Day Numb Object Ocean One Hundred Years One More Time Open Orgy Other Voices Out Of Mind Out Of This World Pictures Of You Piggy In The Mirror.
  3. The Cure - One Hundred Years (Letra e música para ouvir) - It doesn't matter if we all die / Ambition in the back of a black car / In a high building there is so much to do / Going home time, a story on the radio / /.
  4. Between and , The Cure released seven studio albums, all of which reached the Top 10 in the UK. The most successful of these was Wish () which reached number one in the UK and number two on the US Billboard The last three studio albums – Bloodflowers (), The Cure () and Dream () Compilation albums:
  5. The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley in The band members have changed several times, with guitarist, lead singer and songwriter Robert S.
  6. Aug 24,  · Get the The Cure Setlist of the concert at Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA on August 24, from the Curiosa Festival Tour and other The Cure Setlists for free on powermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo!
  7. One hundred years = amount of life whether a lot or a little Clean room = Morgue Yellow moon = Lights in morgue while your new piece of meat (body) is getting ready for the casket and viewing Black flag = .
  8. One Hundred Years by The Cure Other songs by this artist Dream Siren Song Sleep When I'm Dead The Only One The Perfect Boy Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry Jumping Someone Else's Train Disintegration Fascination Street Lovesong Lullaby Pictures Of You Faith Primary Galore Wrong Number Japanese Whispers.
  9. No, you could say 'Pornography' is an acquired taste, even by The Cure's standards. But what you have when you look into the very guts of what it has to offer, is nothing short of a masterpiece. The first track, 'One Hundred Years' quickly sets the tone with lyrics such as- /5.

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