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Victor Military Band - Pigeon Walk Fox Trot (Shellac)

I think the probability is very low. The company was great once. It decided to go the standard cyber-path to Hell, and I hope it enjoys its time there. I just didn't realize it was dropping this rapidly. I'm an idiot to have placed faith in this company. Past excellence is no indicator of present quality, and I know that. I tried Audio Audacity--er, Audacity, and it makes no sense to me I am not a tech , so in the highly likely event the MAGIX issues go unsolved, I'll have to try VinylStudio, which is very much like the MAGIX audio cleaning labs in their pre-crapware form, but the layout is so embarrassingly amateurish, I don't know if anything approximating detailed work is possible on it.

I do hyper-detailed work on my 78 rips, and VS is like something a kid with a pen and a ruler sketched out. Wish me luck. No, wait--don't. If I experienced any, it would be the first time this summer, and the shock would kill me. Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at PM 5 comments:. Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at AM 12 comments:. Verdi's Mandolin Orch. Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at AM 3 comments:. Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at PM 4 comments:. Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at AM 5 comments:. Sixties Shindig--Dance class classics!

Posted by Lee Hartsfeld at AM 2 comments:. Saturday, August 03, Blog update. Hectic week, with a kidney ultrasound at the big city VA. I was stressed to the gills over that, but the call-back from my VA doctor is Tuesday, which means nothing serious was found. Otherwise, she'd have contacted me right away.

So I can relax a little. Meanwhile, grass pollen is high, and my head is in agony. But probably not. Riley Hampton on alto sax, the second musician from the right in the front row of the band playing with the Red Saunders band.

Hampton, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, was playing with a band in Detroit in the early s when he left the group to take a spot in the Jimmy Murray band in Pittsburgh.

In the band was taken over by Fletcher Henderson and the following year Hampton was drafted into the Army. He played under a variety of directors at the club, finally finding a regular seat in the Red Saunders band at the same venue in Within a few years the musically talented Hampton was finding more work as a composer and arranger than as a performer.

Unlike many of the records in my collection and on this blog, the story of Vee-Jay persists into the present time. The Connecticut company primarily overseeing the licensing and republication of Vee-Jay songs. As for the El Dorados, in Pirkle revived the group, with new members.

Simultaneously the singer Johnny Carter, formerly of the Tempos, formed his own vocal group also called the El Dorados. After several years of competition, the two groups merged in the s. The group, under that name, continued to tour until After discovering the group persisted, in some fashion, until close to today, I went online to see if I could find out more about the group today — where are they performing, how to contact them, what they are singing in concert these days.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything. We return with an older record from one of the most prolific record companies in history: Columbia. This record, in a way, ties together some important figures in the earliest jazz recordings and…Holst! Consider the records immediately surrounding this album A in the Columbia catalog.

This album is in Good condition. It has some light wear and scratches on both sides, but there is no effect on the recorded audio, and the B-side label shows some soiling. If it were a stamper number, it could suggest that as many as 51, copies of the record were pressed. The top label is an example of a s Columbia Graphophone record and the bottom is ca. The top one is clearly the same as this album, suggesting the date — not the date — is correct. It runs 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

It runs 3 minutes and 5 seconds. I could find no other current listings of this album for sale online. My guess is this album carries two tracks that may have been previously recorded and issued on another label in the Columbia family. Kendall, a piano composer better known for his ragtime pieces.

Another possibility would be that this record is actually from the British branch of Columbia, confusingly also named The Columbia Graphophone Company. Both the cost and the currency are consistent with the American record company.

The cent price is visible in the lower right of this image. Now — what the heck is a Graphophone? The concept was identical, for the most part, to the phonograph originally developed by Thomas Edison. A trademarked name, the Graphophone moniker and the heavily patented technology was passed around by a series of company mergers and bankruptcies between the s and the early decades of the 20 th century, ultimately ending its usage in the s as a Columbia disc brand.

The technology itself spawned not only the laterally-grooved vinyl disc we are familiar with today, but also the Dictaphone and similar recording devices. Early Graphophones employed a cylindrical mechanism. Stop reading this for a second, open another tab and head to Google. After checking hard copy references I could still find no reference to a Charles Rega ever existing in this period except one: Charles Rega was a lay reader in the village of Skaguay, Alaska as part of the Alaska Missionary District in — I doubt he also wrote songs.

Then, a break-through. Milo Rega was the pseudonym of Fred Hager Starting in the s he wrote songs for the Zonophone a label founded in and shortly sold to, yep, Columbia, who affiliated it with its other alternative label Oxford.

Hager and Ring worked together on compositions into the s, many of which were credited to the fictitious F. Thinking it may have been a different title wrongly ascribed to another Gustav Holst piece I listened to his works from the s and s to find a match.

No luck. I searched for instrumental works with that title from the period and found reference to a piece with that title by a T. Eduard Holst was born in Copenhagen in and was an exceptionally productive composer, dance master, playwright, and occasional actor. Little else is known of Eduard today, despite his lengthy roster of compositions and his copious output.

He died in New York City at the relatively young age of Charles Adams Prince around the time he worked for Columbia. Prince, said to be a descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, was an accomplished pianist and organist, cutting his first recording in for the New York Phonograph Company and making his way, eventually, to Columbia, where he accompanied on the first Columbia Grand Opera Records through He would serve as the director of various Columbia house bands and his own eponymous one until when he changed labels to Puritan Records and, finally, Victor Records, to serve as associate music director.

A-side is an Irving Berlin weepy. Awesome jazzy vocals. B-side has incidental singing by Vernon Dalhart. Victor , U. Scarce label.. Early electrical recording. Electrical recording; B-side is hot. B-side is especially hot! A-side is quite hot, for Reisman.

Highlights from an Broadway show. Electrical recording. Harold Williams; acc. American Spin. Stop and Go. Whip Throwaway. Reverse Whip. Spanish Arms. Simple Spin. Miami Special. Curly Whip. Shoulder Spin. Toe Heel Swivels. Chicken Walks. Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break. Closed Changes.

Natural Turn. Natural Spin Turn. Closed Impetus. Hesitation Change. Outside Change. Back Whisk. Basic Weave. Double Reverse Spin. Reverse Pivot.

Back Lock. Weave from Promenade Position. Closed Telemark. Open Telemark and Cross Hesitation. Open Telemark and Wing. Open Impetus and Cross Hesitation. Open Impetus and Wing. Outside Spin. Turning Lock. Drag Hesitation. Left Whisk. Contra Check. Closed Wing. Early recordings [electronic resource] [ - ]. Barnes, Emile, New York : Folkways Records, Online Vol.

Performer [S. Description Music recording — 1 sound cassette : analog, stereo. Lucky Pierre [sound recording] [].

Carr, Joe Fingers. Performer Hollywood, Calif. Louis tickle [sound recording] []. The Ragpickers [sound recording]. Pryor Band. Performer Camden, N. Ragtime : an encyclopedia, discography, and sheetography []. By the Foxtrot had become the most successful dance of the day. There was even confusion back in the day on it's creator and most of the people were still popular and alive at the time.

The story has it that on one of his quests for innovations his attention was called to a certain exclusive colored club. At the time he attended, the members were dancing the Fox Trot, even at that time so-called, and he became enthusiastic over it and determined to bring it out for a little fun for a few. Hardly realizing that the dance was to win for itself a high place in the favor of the many. But this fox that Mr. Castle cornered was a mighty wild one indeed. The writer confesses to being one who predicted its early demise.

It was one continuous romp from beginning to end and he felt that it would hardly survive a hard summer and be. But whoever invented the Fox-Trot, the Fox Trot was the dance that changed the dancing world for which we know it today, for without the fox-trot the music and dances which followed might be totally different today.

78 - all star trio - swanee-one step - venetian moon-fox trot - 78 victor vg+ 78 - all star trio/emerso - oh what a pal was mary - tomahawk - 78 emerson vg- $ 78 - rex allen - foggy river - afraid - 78 mercury vg- $ 78 - lola ameche - copycat - walk right in - 78 mercury vg.

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  1. Edward T. King (conductor) Search Edward T. King on powermetal.ballanaranuadakelvgukree.infoinfo = Recordings are available for online listening. = Recordings were issued from this master.
  2. The Castle Fox Trot. This is the Fox Trot as described by Vernon Castle in the December issue of Ladies Home Journal. According to Castle, "So far as the music for this dance is concerned, if you will play an ordinary "rag" half as fast as you would play it for the one-step you will have a pretty good idea of the music and tempo.
  3. STEVE MILLER BAND Reclaimed Greatest Hits record album - 10 piece rock music coaster se. VICTOR RECORD-DARDANELLA FOX TROT-ISLE OF GOLDEN DREAMS SELVINS NOVELTY ORCH. Debbie Johnson. EBAY. and the double-sided 78 rpm shellac disc was the standard consumer music format from the early to the late.
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  5. Nov 27,  · Victor Military Band plays "Some Smoke" on Victor , recorded on December 30, Song is by Sigmund Romberg. From to , the Victor Military Band releases helped the Victor .
  6. Aug 28,  · And we get Henri Rene's terrific 10" two-sider of Hubert Bath's Cornish Rhapsody, plus a very interesting military band arrangement of Irving Berlin's Alexander's Ragtime Band, plus a beautiful Percy Faith version of Embraceable You from on the Decca label, and my first 78 restoration on my new software--the Victor incher.

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