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Youre The One That I Want - Power Band - Ciak...Si Gira

Because if there is something else, you should do that. If there is absolutely nothing else, and your heart is set on it, follow me.

Instead, figure it out and do something about it. You are so right, I am been playing music since I was 9. I study classical, then i wanted to be a Metal Bass player, I spent lots of time learning.

I become a bass player on one of the most important death Metal band in Europe, We got signed, we got the video on MTV and tour for years. We wore considered very technical and original. Then I quit the band, got my degree of Doublebass at the Conservatory of Music in Italy, won international auditions but I still get dose low budget Jazz player telling me that I can't play Jazz so they consider me less then then? I mean, should I even take in consideration someone that can even pay his bills with music telling me that I don't even care about Jazz if I am good or not on what I am doing?

Jazz players are not better, they have less education of any classical players, they do not manage the instrument better then anybody because music it is not a competition, if you want to compite try to win an international audition not a jam session.

So stop to feel superior and lear real music first, then pay your bills and stop asking mama for money so you can keep to go at jam the sessions to show of not more that licks learned from others. I got here after a encounter with a jazz guitarist from whom I purchased an instrument. We were talking about the difficulty in getting gigs. I mentioned that my type of music, traditional Celtic, is about a tough for gigging as jazz.

He said "Well all you need to play Irish music is a green shirt. Now the background: I've been a musician for 45 years. I grew up around jazz.

I played the trumpet through college in jazz bands. On the side I started to play the violin. I've played country, bluegrass and classical, as well as Celtic. I play baroque on the side. The point of this is I play Irish music because I choose to, not because I'm incapable of playing anything else. And I work at it as hard as avocational players of any genre. So enough with the 'tude.

Great discussion on human nature and pecking order. Musical tastes grow and evolve. Joni Mitchell is proof of that. Experimentation is a path to push boundaries and explore. It's all good. If you don't like melodic jazz — no problem. Musical snobbery exists in every circle — just as insecurity does. Why not live and let live? Musical tastes vary. If it's not my "thing" I don't feel the need to viciously "peck" that musician to death.

Chickens do it and, imo, it's the worst side of their reptilian nature. So true. I most definitely agree that there seems to be a goodly amount of people in the jazz world that I would categorize as "jerks" unfortunately a few of those were my jazz teachers. There have been some very cool jazz musicians I've met as well but I've definitely run into a lot more arrogance and jerk-like behavior in the jazz world than with musicians of other genres that I play with.

Not sure why that is, but my experience seems to agree with the author's claims. Just my 2 cents, maybe that will change someday who knows. Early Jazz artists pretty much ruined the popularity of Jazz because they made it a "Musicians Thing".

The type of music they were creating was actually experimental. Some of these Musicians dabbled in music like Rock, thus the rock up beat that permeated there sound. I fI were to say to you that I'm a very good mechanic would get up in arms about it or I'm a very good Doctor, I doubt it very much, but when it comes to Musicians who may say they think they are very good, it seems to be offensive.

There are no better musicians on this planet than Jazz artists, so YOU are wrong there. There level of achievement far exceeds any other artists! I get a little envious too, when I compare my playing with some of the top Jazz artists like Steve Laury who far exceeds any Jazz Guitarist that I've heard, even George Benson who is a very great Guitarist.

If you want my opinion, rock artist are the ones with the big fat ego's, so you have the wrong musicans you're complaining about. The real reason Jazz Music is not popular, is because it's a music for mature minds, it has entertaining value that far exceeds any other music. It comprises emotions, feelings, melodicness that you won't find in other music. Since most of the music is purchased by the demographic age group of 14 to 25 year old's, it's not hard to see why Jazz artists struggle along!

Is this conversation Still active. Im new here to this site and would like to shed some light on this topic. I have been playing the piano and composing music all my life, always kept far from jazz since the scene is so snobbish and condescendent towards others… then I have met the most amazing, ego-less musicians, that allowed me to get to know jazz with the same language and attitude jazz pioneers losers on heroin mostly had.

No superiority, no vibing, no ego. That allowed me to get close to this wonderful harmony without bias. Now I am addicted to jazz…. The wives of composers like Mozart were often on their case to write down their improvisations, so they weren't lost to the world.

Gives us a different perspective. I had my comment ready when I read the title of this post on another page…. Where I live, most jazzers are university students who blow my doors off. I'm the worst and reading this truly makes me smile. Thanks and for the nay-sayers here…. You should meet Irish musicians sometime.

One thing's for sure…you hit a nerve. You should explore this topic further. There's a lot more to say about jazz elitism than what you touched on in this article. I disagree about vibing! Most jazz musicians have the students, and they still have the patience to work with them. The question is — in what framework meets the beginner with professionals on same stage.

Have you ever gone to a jam? Completely different when they aren't getting paid to "have patience. But the regulars can be very nasty to newcomers who struggle with the changes or play very simple solos.

Oh yeah, for my life I've been on one or two I was also a witness and participant , how a drummer with crooked hands and rhythm feel within 15 minutes successfully ruined the jam on international jazz festival. I just want to make an important point. You emphasize in the article that music shouldn't be about being elite, okay…suppose that it should be about a community, expression, motivation, positivity, and mainly…about the music. Assuming music, especially jazz music, is a community that brings all people together through, well, music… then posting silly articles like these do the quite the opposite.

This article is cheesy and it is clear that you cannot take constructive criticism and most importantly don't care about music not just jazz music enough to ignore egotistical people, focus on the music and people that bring the best out of you, and when someone says to you learn the chords to a song, he's probably helping you out man. I've been told i played something wrong ALL the time not just in jazz music…but I don't sit here and complain, writing long silly articles…No, I learn the shit and improve myself because he told me that to get me better most of the time.

Writing articles like these makes this already unpopular style of music even more hated, which is unnecessary. You're basically making people discriminate against the style of music that you play and love by posting shit like this. By the way. James walls……you're missing the point as well. Nobody said jazz is superior, and if they did they're either stupid or screwing with you.

Lastly, and most importantly… This style of music deserves respect. All the people that died and went through racism to help this music become alive today is why the word jazz is not just a genre.

Look up "jazz for lack of a better word". The fact that you haven't even spoken about the history of jazz music and actually decided to click the button "post "shows your lack of knowledge in this area. My guess is you studied jazz in school, got vibed a lot and then got vibed at a big city jam session so you go and post this article. I can't blame you though since not everyone has the opportunity to study and learn from people that were around when this music was being developed.

My advice is to rethink this post you made and try your best to get the right idea of what this music is really about. Uh, no, that guy freebeer DID say jazz is superior music. It's still there if you want to read it. And I have heard as much from snotty college kids at the jams around here too.

Takes a while before they learn to just stick their noses in the air and ignore people rather than actually speak such thoughts, but it's clear from the smirks, sneers, ear whispering, private joking, etc that arrogance is the rule, not the exception among jazz musicians.

At the jams around here you can cut the smug with a knife, and I am among many who won't set foot in them anymore for that exact reason. Wow you totally missed my whole point. Whether he said it or not if you take that comment seriously I question your musical awareness. If I were you i would spend your time reading the history of this music and work on something productive instead of spending all your time commenting some nonsense.

I'm not promoting bad attitudes, but if someone gives someone good advice I definitely think it's a good thing.

If you don't want to hear advice because you think music is a creative art form and everyone has their own story, well then fine… although that's true, with that closed minded attitude you probably won't get better or be in a place to write good songs. There's a reason we all know who miles Davis, bird, and trane are. They took advice to heart and worked. None of them cried like little babies about someone telling them they played the wrong chord on the 8th measure of "Groovin high" lol!

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Aug 31,  · Features discussion on Initial D anime, manga, music, torrents and the Arcade Stage game and more.

8 thoughts on “Youre The One That I Want - Power Band - Ciak...Si Gira ”

  1. May 03,  · Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Verbalists brand begins with an idea to connect people to the power of languages and joy of journeys that inspire.
  2. One day Kissa, Johnny, and Dani Daniels decided hey fuck it. We're going to hell anyways. Why not get a front row seat? So we thought of all the worst shit you could .
  3. Jesse Lacey, vocalist of Brand New, has responded today to allegations that he had sexual relations with a woman while she was only The statement is on the official Brand New FB page, but can also be read below: In an effort to address recent events and the public conversation currently.
  4. I want this all my life C. Oh youre a hard one, I know that you got your reasons these things that are pleasin you can hurt you somehow G Em7 A C Cm D7 G - D. che accendi un Diavolo in me Come on people come on my buggy come and feel The power of a starry night. G D A. Goin down, down, down, down, down Theres no mercy in my sleep 5/5(1).
  5. Oct 9, - Explore gonegirlmovie's board "The Cool Girl", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cool girl, Cigars and women and Natural looking curls. Oct 9, - Explore gonegirlmovie's board "The Cool Girl", followed by people on Pinterest. One day I want to take a road trip along route 66 with my girls. It.
  6. Damn, even in my Nu-Metal phase I completely missed the Linkin Park boat, but the band had a lot of bragging rights for being one of the major gateway bands into alternative music for many many people and having the best selling debut album of the 21st century. R.I.P. Chester Bennington. manosg Staff Reviewer July 20th
  7. The Broadway Band 02bYwIVk3RBIzANgH94Elm Bear Family Records GmbH Generation Y Alessandra Zuccaro,Giuseppe Trivigno,Giuseppe Pignatelli,Aris Volpe Alea & The Sit 02e5u02V9v2eSy23qNoP9P Arealive Tuć Tuđu Babu Luka Aničić,Jasen Kekanović,Tomislav Vlahović,Ana Jurčić. One Piece Puzzle 02i45bNkYz2oGHIa31pz6C Menart Seam Ripper Dreadful Operator.

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